Zoonoses and veterinary public health

Global Early Warning System for Major Animal Diseases, including Zoonoses (GLEWS)

GLEWS taskforce


The overall objective of GLEWS is to improve the early warning and response capacity to animal disease threats of the three sister organizations (FAO, OIE and WHO) for the benefit of the international community.

The desired outcome of GLEWS is the timely triggering of information-driven, appropriate action within FAO, OIE and WHO to reduce global zoonotic disease burden while transmitting coherent messages to the stakeholders.

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Actions and outputs

Tracking of zoonotic disease outbreaks that merit further validation. Sources of information can be official or unofficial from the global human and veterinary public health communities.

Information sharing and validation is performed through the appropriate organizations. GLEWS links with the International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) to ensure that food safety events are managed along the farm to table continuum.

Multidisciplinary disease analysis provides added value to global early warning of zoonotic disease.

For more information visit http://www.glews.net or contact GLEWS directly via e-mail: zoonotic_alert@who.int