Zoonoses and veterinary public health

Global Early Warning System for Major Animal Diseases, including Zoonoses (GLEWS)

Triggers and GLEWS diseases

What triggers GLEWS

A potential event is assessed according to criteria derived from the International Health Regulations (2005) and the Terrestrial Animal Health Code from OIE:

  • Is the public health impact of the event serious?
    • High morbidity and/or high mortality in humans and/or animals.
    • Emerging disease with significant mortality and/or morbidity or zoonotic potential.
  • Is the event unusual or unexpected?
    • First occurrence or reoccurrence of a disease/strain.
    • Unusual event for the area or season.
    • Event associated with an unknown agent.
  • Is there significant risk of international spread or interference with international travel or trade?

GLEWS disease priority list

Non zoonotic

*Diseases for which trend analyses and forecasting will be emphasized. Sharing of information is not restricted to the list.

For more information visit http://www.glews.net or contact GLEWS directly via e-mail: zoonotic_alert@who.int