Health promotion

Health promotion


8th Global Conference on Health Promotion

The 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion will be held in Helsinki, 10-14 June 2013

Milestones in health promotion: Statements from global conferences

This compilation of consensus documents brings together Charters, Declarations, Statements and Recommendations from past Health Promotion conferences. With the statements from Ottawa in 1986 to Bangkok in 2005 under one cover, this publication is a ready and authoritative reference. It includes the Discussion Document on the Concept and Principles of Health Promotion, Copenhagen, 9-13 July 1984.

Promoting health

Health promotion strategies are not limited to a specific health problem, nor to a specific set of behaviours. WHO as a whole applies the principles of, and strategies for, health promotion to a variety of population groups, risk factors, diseases, and in various settings. Health promotion, and the associated efforts put into education, community development, policy, legislation and regulation, are equally valid for prevention of communicable diseases, injury and violence, and mental problems, as they are for prevention of noncommunicable diseases.

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