Health statistics and information systems

Disease and injury country estimates


Summary death estimates for 2008 and Disability-Adjusted Life Year (DALY) estimates for 2004 by cause for WHO Member States can be downloaded below. The Excel spreadsheets contain estimates of numbers, crude rates and age-standardized rates, as well as notes on data sources and levels of evidence. A summary of data sources and methods is available here. Consultations on these estimates have been carried out with WHO Member States, but they represent the best estimates of WHO, based on the evidence available to it, rather than the official estimates of Member States. These estimates have been computed using standard categories and methods to ensure cross-national comparability. Therefore, they are not always the same as official national estimates produced using alternate, potentially equally rigorous methods, nor necessarily endorsed by specific Member States.

Deaths estimates for 2008 by cause for WHO Member States

Death and DALY estimates for 2004 by cause for WHO Member States: